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Our core team of founders joined together in Mists of Pandaria with aspirations of glory. Through the desire to put together a team to bring down Garrosh and others who threaten the lands of Azeroth, we formed this guild to gain control of our unified destiny. We thrive to produce an environment that hosts values like integrity, respect, and friendship. Join us to purge this land of vile threats, the filth of corruption, demons and scourge. Join us to re-claim the former honor of the Horde. Join us for riches and glory!!

Enjoy this forum for sharing stratagies, philosophies, and recipies from our lovely in game communities. Look forward to forum orriented contests and information for upcomming raids. Connect with us here even if you only want to post a pic of your cat or let us know that you can't get out of the office on time. Check back often to see whats new and exciting!
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Bruttle's Prize illustration

by Foxfyer, 271 days ago

This is the long awaited award for the forum simulator contest that ended in December. I partially blame the holidays and a long road trip for the wait but it is complete and I am proud to announce Bruttle Toecrusher circa 1999. It is almost like he gets to see his character in HD for the first time. This was a challenging project mostly due to the old graphics and terrible resolution. I hope you are pleased sir. I am happy to do it for you! If you want a higher res version for printing or whatever let me know. I have a larger one on my computer.

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by Foxfyer, 278 days ago


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WINNER of the Forum Stimulator Contest

by Foxfyer, 335 days ago

I would like to start out with how much I appreciate everyone's efforts in getting our forum populated with fun stuff. I am especially thankful towards the people that continued to make an effort after it was broken for a few days there. I will be doing another contest in the future with an awesome prize that will give people a more balanced shot at winning (Think raffle system). Look for that in January. Now announcing the winner of the 2013 forum stimulator contest.

DRUM ROLL PLEASE...................

They have been active consistently since the forums creation and have actively participated in other members threads as well as started new topics of conversation. They have posted in all areas in the forums and even without counting the 16 world of logs posts Bruttle the Insane still stands far above the rest as our top poster!

Porkbbq and then Death to Locks were our 2nd and 3rd place posters. If they would like I will illustrate a face portrait of their toon for their forum avatar.

When I am done with Bruttle's illustration I will share it here for all to see.


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